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QuickFee and SALIX Data Collaborate to Improve the Merchant Application Process

QuickFee and SALIX Data Collaborate to Improve the Merchant Application Process

QuickFee and SALIX Data Collaborate to Improve the Merchant Application Process

As a payments partner for commercial and professional service providers in the U.S. and Australia, QuickFee is committed to delivering a personalized end-to-end payment experience for merchants. To reach that goal, QuickFee has joined forces with SALIX Data to enable intelligent automation on its payment solutions, starting with an automated application process for QuickFee’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” installments product.

SALIX Data is a global leader in intelligent automation and business process outsourcing. Over the last 20 years, SALIX has partnered with top healthcare providers, law firms, and payments companies to identify and resolve common data challenges.

SALIX President and co-founder, Jonathan Adams, has worked with QuickFee’s newly-appointed CEO Eric Lookhoff on a variety of automated workflow solutions at previous companies. These included developing a Power of Attorney collection and processing platform, an insurance premium quotation and enrollment engine, and a solution for remote deposit capture for ACH re-initiation that broke new ground across the industry.

“When you think about efficient workflow, SALIX is the first name that comes to my mind. Over the last 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with Jon and his team across a variety of industries to create automated payments and back-office processing solutions that simply didn’t exist before. At QuickFee we needed a world-class outside partner to accelerate our merchant application and onboarding function to support current demand and build future scale. We are proud to have engaged SALIX for our upcoming projects and look forward to continuing our track record of success.”  

Eric Lookhoff
CEO of QuickFee
“Our goal is simple: To leverage our people and technologies to help our clients continue to scale their business and achieve extraordinary results. SALIX is invested with all our customers, and there’s a special level of investment when Eric and his teams are involved with us too. His unique vision always helps to drive the project forward and keep the focus firmly on the user’s experience. This ability is crucial for tech adoption and the solution’s long-term success.”

Jonathan Adams
President of SALIX Data

Since QuickFee Installments launched at the end of 2020, increased demand and adoption for this product has driven QuickFee to accelerate strategic updates to its platform. The “Buy Now, Pay Later” product leverages advanced technology to split customer payments into four installments and has attracted particular interest to businesses and consumers in the accounting, legal, home services, and commercial services markets.

“There were a few areas where we knew SALIX could provide significant value,” said Lookhoff. “From my perspective, it was vital to accelerate these improvements and achieve a more intelligent and merchant-focused process.”

After a robust development phase between QuickFee and SALIX, merchants will now experience a seamless automated online journey from application to enrollment. Applications follow an automated underwriting path that leverages a variety of third-party API’s and is fully integrated with our CRM and processing platforms.

“When we start a workflow automation project, our analysts take a deep dive into the situation so we can deliver a customized solution that lasts,” said Adams. “With QuickFee, it was clear that end-to-end automation was the best way to scale today and prepare for future growth at the same time.”

Three key achievements that resulted from this collaboration:   

  1.   Enabling a self-enrollment option. With a self-enrollment option, merchants can receive a faster decision on their Installments application and eliminate an extra touchpoint in many cases. “This development means that our merchants can be curated through the sales engagement process from end to end,” said Lookhoff.
  2. Supporting an automated underwriting system. The Installments application process is now streamlined thanks to an automated underwriting and approval system. Merchants can provide all the required identity and banking information for their business through a secure and user-friendly application portal.
  3. Simplifying the QuickFee onboarding system. By increasing communication across QuickFee’s systems and leveraging a host of proprietary and third-party APIs, SALIX has also made it easier and faster for merchants to start offering QuickFee Installments once their application is approved.

Moving forward, SALIX and QuickFee will continue to strategize on new solutions across the QuickFee payment suite. “Our philosophy is that the entire payment experience must reflect the evolving needs of businesses and their customers. We are thrilled to work with SALIX in turning that approach into a reality,” said Lookhoff.

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