Making Data Meaningful

SALIX Data empowers businesses with the right technologies and people to unlock their competitive advantage through meaningful data insights.


In today’s corporate environment, pressure on margins is intense and creating competitive advantages is paramount.  Bottlenecks, inefficient processes, and high labor costs are substantial challenges.  Having worked with Fortune 500 and multi-billion dollar international organizations, SALIX is the right solution to give your company the competitive advantage it deserves.


In an increasingly competitive and complicated legal environment, having the right partner is key. SALIX stands apart from the competition by being your SINGLE SOURCE for all your litigation support needs, employing highly trained industry professionals who provide world-class support on all facets of your case.


The healthcare field continues to be one of the most rapidly changing and complex industries in the country. It is important to have a partner that gives your business an edge by instituting the latest technologies, saving you time, money, and headache. With over a decade of service to the healthcare field and over 2,500 clients, SALIX is the right partner for your practice or hospital.

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Data Lifecycle Management


Data Entry, Scanning, Micro Conversion, EDD Processing, Forensics, Repographics, Electronic Forms, OCR


Repositories, Database Creation / Management, Cloud / On-Premises Platforms


Encryption, Policies & Procedures, Extrusion Protection, Monitoring, Log Management and Review, Vulnerability & Pen Testing


Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business & Artifical Intelligence, Data Analytics & Dashboarding, Workflow Automation


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