Business Process Outsourcing

In dynamic and competitive business climates, business process outsourcing can be a primary driver to your businesses success.


SALIX is a regional leader in business process outsourcing, working with hundreds of companies to save them time and money by managing and maintaining the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions and processes.

Ability to process Onshore or Offshore


SALIX is able to perform the outsourced functions on our local processing center or our international processing office depending on your preference and business needs.

Increased Flexibility


Business process outsourcing saves you money by reducing your fixed overhead because you only pay for the work that is done. You no longer have to keep a “bench.”

Fewer Asset Investments


SALIX will use its equipment to perform your processes and functions, saving you money on asset investments.

Focus on Core Competencies


Why waste your time focusing on operations that are necessary, but not the focus of our business? Outsourcing those operations to SALIX allows you and your key employees to spend more time focusing on those things that make your business successful.

Increase Speed of Business Process


Because most back office functions are not the core of your business, they are often delayed or put on the back burner, causing inefficiencies and increased cost. Outsourcing them to SALIX’s process experts ensures that they will be completed quickly and accurately.

Allows for Business Flexibility


Outsourcing business processes to SALIX allows for easy and efficient scalability as your business grows and changes.

Give your business the savings and flexibility it needs to succeed in today’s competitive business environment by utilizing SALIX’s Business Process Solutions. Set up an introductory appointment with a Business Process Expert today.

Industry Solutions

  • Accounting
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Finance & Banking
  • Construction & Development
  • Insurance & Wealth Management
  • Government
  • Mortgage & Title