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Onsite vs. Offsite: Which Digital Mailroom option is best for you?

Onsite vs. Offsite: Which Digital Mailroom option is best for you?

Businesses all over the world shift to a remote working model on a scale never before seen. 

As a result, organizations of all sizes have been forced to streamline operations and run as efficiently as possible whilst also providing their staff working remotely pertinent access resources that may only be available at their offices – such as office mail.


Many companies have vital information, data, and documents in office mail that live in both the paper and digital worlds. This poses
potential challenges not only for storage but also for access, security, and compliance. Fortunately, it’s possible to find a solution that combines the best of both worlds, enabling businesses to take paper documents into the digital arena.

Implementing a digital mailroom solution in one’s firm has the potential to bring about tremendous value by enabling one’s business to: 

                                          1. Optimize its internal mailroom procedures 

                                                    2.. Increase mail processing speeds and customer response times

                                                    3.  Reduce errors       

                                                    4. Mitigate costs typically arising from human-error associated with manual-based mail management system

With that said, the question you should be asking is, “Does my business methenolone enanthate stacking need a digital mailroom solution?” but rather, How best do I implement it?”.


From the onset, both onsite and offsite offer the same capabilities with very little difference, particularly in processes like document preparation and high-volume scanning, media conversion, and secure document archiving.

Despite this, however, they both a unique set of differences and advantages:

Offsite Advantage: Timing & Storage

One of the main differences for offsite is that it is ideal to complete your conversions quickly. Our offshore facilities operate around the clock, making it much easier to process large scale scanning projects.

Furthermore, although your documents have to be shipped to the offshore facility, your site’s pick up is arranged by us to ensure safe

Onsite Advantage: Convenience & Security

Although offsite is also a secure process, many  organizations have highly sensitive information that cannot be shipped due to
compliance challenges. Mobile units offer complete document scanning, imaging, and conversion capabilities without your documents ever leaving the premises.

Document scanning services ensure secure data storage for your documents while providing a more efficient access method.

To find out how SALIX Data’s Digital Mailroom Services can help your business contact our team or schedule a free workflow assessment here.

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