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Jonathan Adams set to take part in the 5th Annual Innovation Digi Conference

Innovation Digi (formerly Indy Big Data) is set to take place virtually, this November 5th, 2020, and I poised to bring you all the insights and trends from the world of digital innovation. The goal of Innovation Digi is to provide a global forum, beginning in Indianapolis, where companies and organizations, and universities alike, can learn about and adopt various technologies. SALIX Data’s very own Jonathan Adams will be speaking on the relationship between Humans and Robots in the successful deployment of RPA.

With this year’s conference, comes the 2020 Virtualization Challenge, which will be focused on how technologies like RPA, AR, VR, and SR have improved organizational performance. SALIX Data will be participating in this year’s visualization challenge at 12:00 pm EST, showcasing how RPA can significantly reduce the employee turnaround time when integrated with CRM software.

This year’s conference is titled “Innovation Digi, A Maze of Opportunity”, with as many twists and turns as there are new developments in technologies like big data and automation. Join speakers like Jonathan Adams and many more, as they help you to navigate this maze and cash in on your next digital innovation opportunity.

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