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SALIX’s Value Proposition for medical groups:

Practices have seen a reduction of up to 50% in the time it takes to process prior authorizations after implementing SALIX’s electronic workflow improvement strategies. This can allow you to re-deploy staff to other critical tasks, or absorb a reduction in work force by attrition.

Industry standards state that it takes on average 17 minutes to fax documents.


Prior authorizations can’t get lost..
If you had only 1 prior authorization per physician in a 4 physician practice that was overlooked or misplaced, for a procedure worth $500, you would recoup for your practice:
$500 per physician X 4 physicians = $2,000 per month in revenue


Industry standards state that it takes on average 17 minutes to fax documents.


Retro-active prior auths are more time consuming and complex


SALIX provides project management throughout the process, freeing up valuable strategic management resources for other tasks. SALIX has support resources with years of experience in the medical industry as well as content management and workflow systems.


Monthly reporting statistics can facilitate your practice in making strategic decisions.


Savings in supplies alone (paper, toner, ink, copies, outbound and inbound fax) can be approximately $0.50 per authorization. For an estimate of 10 authorizations per day generated per physician, in a 4 physician practice, this would be savings of:
10 per day X 4 physicians X $0.50 X 20.5 days/mo = $410/mo


SALIX ASP model pricing does not require long-term commitment. SALIX Statements of Work are month-to-month. Systems are HIPAA compliant.


SALIX workflow solutions are compatible with any practice management and EHR system your practice may utilize.