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A Fortune 500 Company with almost 100,000 employees worldwide was in the process of migrating to a web-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS).  This conversion required the review and audit of employment forms, as well as the conversion and migration of data that existed in disparate systems and formats.  Once this data was reviewed, audited, and converted the corrected data would be uploaded to the new system.


The Human Resources & Legal Teams estimated that it would take over 2 years to achieve “clean” data that could be uploaded to their new system.  Even based on that timeframe, they did not have the manpower internally to accomplish this task.  SALIX has been a longtime partner and had solved challenging conversion and migration issues in the past for this client.


SALIX was called to meet with the HR and Legal teams tasked with accomplishing this project. During that meeting, SALIX mapped out a multifaceted plan that included having SALIX:

  1. Convert the existing data into a standard format
  2. Build a Workflow Platform that would provide transparency throughout the process
  3. Work with ​the client’s HRIS Vendor to determine data structure and migration strategy
  4. Create a “coding manual” for how to classify each document during the review process
  5. Perform a ​“First Pass” Review of forms to identify incomplete forms/files
  6. Electronically route forms/files with issues to our client’s designated team to address

Benefits to Client

 Within 1 week of the initial meeting, SALIX had designed and implemented a workflow system and had staff converting and reviewing documents.  Upper management received a real-time dashboard that showed where each item was in the process and allowed them to triage resources based on actual volumes, compared to estimated volumes.  The timeframe from the first meeting to the completed upload into the HRIS system was less than 4 months.  The client conservatively estimated the cost savings to be over $350,000.

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