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Forensic Data Collection

If the information is anywhere to be found, we will find it.

Managing, organizing and collecting large volumes of data from multiple sources in various locations can be time-consuming. It requires skill and experience to be done efficiently, effectively and in a legally defensible manner. It is important that all collections are comprehensive – maintaining the content integrity and preserving its form. Proper forensic collection of data is important to ensure accurate, efficient, and cost-effective responses to any e-discovery request.


SALIX’s commitment to the most up-to-date technologies and employing a highly qualified team of experts ensures that the data collection process is thorough, accurate, and legal defensible. While maintaining a strict chain of custody, SALIX is able to use computer forensics, such as archival media restoration, data recovery, and forensic hard drive imaging to uncover pertinent data that others might miss.

What Can a SALIX Investigation Recover?


Valuable electronic evidence can be collected from computers, laptops, cell phone, and portable devices.  The devices and the types of data grow and change daily.  Below is just a list of some of the data we can recover

        • Deleted files – emails, documents, etc.
        • Websites visited and files downloaded
        • Conversations – email, instant messaging
        • Installed Software – including wiping software and uninstalled software
        • Systems Changes – clock changes, registry changes
        • Tracking Files within the infrastructure – who accessed, when, where was it copied, etc.
        • Printed documents
        • Applications that have been running
        • Photographs
        • Devices plugged into the computer – USB devices, printers, scanners
        • Manipulation of accounting software
        • Document Metadata

What About Mobile Device Collection?


SALIX can identify, preserve, and produce Electronic Stored Information (ESI) from mobile devices and smartphones.  Some of the ESI recoverable from mobile devices can include:


    • Calendar Entries
    • Call Logs and Contacts
    • Corporate and personal email and webmail
    • Data from 3rd Party Applications such as banking transactions
    • Documents and files copied from computers
    • Geolocation data and GPS history
    • Internet history and social media
    • Photographs
    • Text and MMS Messages
    • Videos

What Makes SALIX the Right Partner?



  • Over the past 20 years, our forensics team has worked on hundreds of cases involving Electronic Stored Information (ESI). SALIX’s forensics experts carry multiple certifications.
  • Additionally, our experience enables our clients to develop the best strategy based on the facts of the case, budget, and timeline.



  • Our ability to explain options and provide a meaningful overview of the process to legal counsel and executive, as well as, have the technical aptitude to work hand in hand with IT administrators is a key differentiator in our service offering.
  • Typically, we act as members of our client’s investigative or litigation team, collaborating with the client, lawyers, the board of directors, and other stakeholders.



  • We know that your case can not wait. In many investigations, data forensics is the driving factor in determining your initial case, in making critical decisions, or in persuading a judge to issue an emergency temporary restraining order.  SALIX understands that importance of being able to respond quickly.


Expert Testimonies

  • Our team has experience testifying as an expert witness in a wide range of cases. We are prepared and qualified to provide you with expert testimony in the courtroom.

What is SALIX’s Collection Methodology?

    1. Locate potential sources of digital evidence
    2. Develop options for preserving the evidence and avoiding spoliation
    3. Make forensic images of the data in a defensible manner
    4. Incorporate a chain of custody protocol to protect the integrity of the evidence
    5. Analyze the data
    6. Produce the meaningful data in a manner that streamlines the review process
    7. Author expert reports and testify if necessary

Can SALIX Provide Expert Witness Testimony?


Not only can SALIX help you develop a sound forensics and ESI strategy at the beginning of the case, we successfully testify regarding the accuracy of the process and the finds that resulted.  Our experts can provide the following services throughout the engagement:


    • Consulting
    • Early Case Assessment
    • Expert Testimony
    • Expert Reports
    • Affidavits and Declarations
    • Meet and Confer Assistance
    • Deposition Assistance

What Types of Cases Does SALIX Handle?


SALIX provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective methods to gain meaningful understanding of data.  SALIX has experience in cases such as:


    • Anti-Trust Actions
    • Board-level Internal Investigations
    • Cyber Incidents & Hacking
    • Economic espionage
    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Cases
    • Fraud
    • Harassment
    • Insider Trading
    • Intellectual Property Disputes
    • Internal Corporate Investigations
    • Labor & Employment Matters
    • Litigation
    • Security Violations
    • Social Media Slander
    • Theft & Embezzlement
    • Trade Secret Misappropriation
    • Whistleblower Cases

Why is Forensic Collection Important for Your Case?


  • Nearly every incident involving misconduct, diversion of intellectual assets, security breaches, or internal corporate compliance violations contains a digital trail that can be recovered and used to determine key facts of the incident. Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is almost always the critical evidence at the center of almost all business disputes.  Computer Forensics is the art and science of applying both highly advanced forensic software and hardware and years of experience to the process of locating, preserving, authenticating and producing electronic evidence.


  • The integrity of your case and a just outcome requires consideration of the electronic evidence, and how this compelling data can bring clarity to even the most complex issues.


  • When you need to be confident that the data and analysis is correct. When you need an expert witness that can credibly testify about the data.


  • The Data You Need is Electronic
    • Data proliferation refers to the prodigious amount of data that organizations generate at an unprecedented rate and the usability problems that result from attempting to store and manage that data. While originally pertaining to problems associated with paper documentation, data proliferation has become a major problem in primary and secondary data storage on computers.
    • There is a general perception that we are overwhelmed with data, making the ability to store, process, analyze, interpret, consume and act upon that data a primary concern. For large-scale, multi-national organizations and those in heavily regulated industries – such as finance, healthcare, or those covering multiple industry verticals – the situation becomes even more complex and challenging. With each new “smart” device adding to the ever-increasing flow of information created, the question then becomes: How do we collect that data and transform it into actionable information?