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SALIX provided both the conversion services and the backend technology that enable a Bank customer to transition from paper, microfilm, and microfiche to an electronic image of vital records.  Not only did SALIX’s workflow solution radically reduce the time to process inquires and provide customers (external & internal) with immediate access to information, but the bank also minimized the costs and headaches involved with managing their internal scanning operation.

In addition to addressing the millions of pages during the backfile conversion, SALIX took over the daily conversion services that included having paper files securely couriered, scanned, and indexed within strict timeframes, with guaranteed quality.


The records department had three key initiatives:

  1. Convert over 50 years of records that included information from multiple mergers and acquisitions. This included the need to generate a “crosswalk” that could be used in their core processing application that mapped the current account number and the original (pre-acquisition/merger) account number
  2. Implement a software solution that would allow for hosted, secure access to the images from all their branches throughout the region.
  3. Meet internal expectations of having all incoming documentation scanned, indexed, quality checked, and uploaded within 24 hours of receiving the documents while at the same time reducing costs.


 SALIX was selected as the preferred vendor-based expertise, customer referrals, and pricing.  The initial focus was on the backfile conversion and implementing a web-based image retrieval/workflow software.  A short time later, the bank expanded its relationship with SALIX based on the level of service, quality, and cost savings they were experiencing to include ongoing scanning and data entry/document classification functions. 

Eventually, SALIX began to work with the IT Department to assist in data migration projects; in planning, executing, and providing quality assurance services by reviewing the final product to ensure that all the data was migrated successfully.

Benefits to Client

SALIX prides itself on being a true partner with its customers. Every opportunity with a customer is viewed through a lens of what is in their best interest.  This has led to the expansion of our services within companies because we provide innovative solutions, significant cost savings, and the benefits of a family-owned company.  The value of this approach is evident in the benefits that this banking client has experienced.  Initially, SALIX was asked to provide a bid for a backfile conversion, which grew to software implementation, the daily processing, and data migration services.

The backfile conversion was completed in advance of the expected date.  After 2 weeks of processing, the bank reduced its quality assurance staff because SALIX’s deliverables consistently exceed the contractually defined service levels (quality, turnaround time).  By outsourcing the daily processing, the client was able to save 27% compared to their internal costs and removed the challenges of staffing (training, turnover, managing, space, equipment, etc.) entry-level staff.

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