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Computer Forensics – old content

If the information is anywhere to be found, we will find it to help you win your case.


The term “forensics” refers to the use of technical and legal tools to gather and protect objective electronic evidence for use in court. In today’s digital world, such evidence can be found on computers, cell phones, PDAs and a whole host of other electronic communication and storage devices.

It is imperative that this information is collected correctly and in its entirety if it is to be defensible in a court of law. If the evidence is not properly collected, you risk not being able to present your case fully and completely.

Additionally, court sanctions can be imposed if the court feels that the collection was done in an improper manner. A proper forensic collection therefore, is perhaps the most important part of the e-discovery process.

Here at SALIX, our team of collection specialists are well-versed in the forensics arena.We employ the latest tools and methodologies in our collections and we are fully equipped to collect and preserve any and all types of electronically stored information. Our chain of custody forms are rigorously maintained throughout the entire collection process, thereby eliminating any possibility of compromised data.


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Preservation of ESI is critical, especially in litigation:

Altercare, Inc. v. Clark, 2013-Ohio-2785

By working with our forensic team you can:


  • Maintain costs by obtaining specific and quantifiable estimates
  • Take control over the volume of data to be collected and processed
  • Ensure that your collection and preservation practices are in full compliance with the law
  • Avoid sanctions for failing to meet Electronic Data Discovery obligations
  • Ensure that everything has been collected properly and in its entirety

Managing, organizing and collecting large volumes of data from multiple sources in various locations can be time consuming. It requires skill and experience to be done efficiently, effectively and in a legally defensible manner. It is important that all collections are comprehensive – maintaining the content integrity and preserving its form. Proper forensic collection of data is important to ensure accurate, efficient, and cost effective responses to any e-discovery request.


SALIX’s commitment to the most up to date technologies and employing a highly qualified team of experts ensures that the data collection process is thorough, accurate, and legal defensible. While maintaining a strict chain of custody, SALIX is able to use computer forensics, such as archival media restoration, data recovery, and forensic hard drive imaging to uncover pertinent data that others might miss. 

Some of the Forensics Services we provide are:


  • Active ESI Collection
  • Archival Media Restoration
  • Data Recovery
  • Forensic Hard Drive Imaging
  • Collection from Cell Phones, PDAs and Hand-held Devices
  • Data Processing and Filtering
  • Data Hosting for Review
  • Backup Tape Restoration
  • Password Recovery
  • Expert Testimony