About Us

Making Data Meaningful

Good Data can Drive Monumental Achievements.

Our Core Values


Proactively meeting the needs of others.


Goals accomplished based on effort, courage, and skill.


Creating an inspiring future.


Doing what is right and good.


Solving meaningful problems.

Our Story

In 1999,two brothers started on a journey with the aim to honor God and founded a business process outsourcing and scanning operations company. The goal was clear – to provide efficient solutions to organizations seeking to streamline their operations. Over the next few years, the company’s growth was fueled by innovation and adaptability.


By 2002, recognizing the need for enhanced efficiency, the company integrated workflow automation and records management capabilities into our suite of services. This move not only increased our value proposition but also solidified our position in the market.


The year 2004 marked a significant milestone as SALIX developed comprehensive expertise in medical billing. This expansion into the healthcare sector showcased our commitment to diversification and specialization.


In 2007, the company’s trajectory took a turn to acquire Copy Plex, a litigation support company. Continuing the journey, the year 2010 SALIX Data embraced the wave of Artificial Intelligence. By incorporating AI capabilities, empowering clients with AI-advanced solutions, creating a leadership stance in the technology industry.
As technology continued to evolve, so did the company. In 2012, a crucial step was taken with the introduction of Cyber Security offerings. With the increasing importance of data protection, this addition showcased our company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve.


SALIX’s global footprint expanded in 2017 with the establishment of operations in Nairobi, Kenya so as to extend our reach and also showcase SALIX’s dedication to bringing solutions to a wider audience.


In 2020, recognizing the evolving needs of our clients, we diversified services even further and began offering comprehensive outsourcing and litigation solutions as a one-stop destination for various business needs.


The journey to the present day, 2023, has been marked by continuous evolution. SALIX Data expanded services yet again, this time focusing on AI and automation solutions. With a rich history of adaptation and innovation, we continue to stay at the forefront of technology and service excellence, poised to shape the future of the industry.

24 Years


Experience in the outsourcing industry

2500 +


Clients in Cincinnati 


8000 +


Projects completed


600 +


Global employment opportunity


Our Leadership team

Jonathan Adams


Rob Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Allen Blevin

Chief Solutions Architect

Vincent Korir

General  Manager

Samuel Mayoti

People HR & Culture Lead

Margaret Wangui

Senior Project Manager

Our Culture Runs Deep

Our company culture embodies a fusion to:


Pursue Excellence  


Be Trustworthy 


Work Hard  


Master Communication 


Care for Everyone 


Be a Fanatic about Response Time 


Be Curious and Committed to Continuous Learning 


Have Unwavering Commitment to Data Integrity


Obsess about Creating a Positive Customer Experience  


Be Proactive Problem Solver 


Make the Best of Imperfect Situations 


Champion Innovation 

What Our Clients Say ABout Us


When you think about efficient workflow, SALIX is the first name that comes to my mind. Over the last 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with SALIX across various industries to create automated payments and back-office processing solutions that simply didn’t exist before.


Eric Lookhoff

CEO, QuickFee


For 9 years, SALIX Data has consistently provided highly skilled and quality services that helped make my department more efficient.






Mary Anderson

Director, Cincinnati Children’s


Working with SALIX Data is a partnership like no other, willing to do anything to ensure your business succeeds.






Cathy Marsh

Second VP, Ohio National